Associated Bank - Aaron Rodgers

Associated Bank web videos featuring Aaron Rodgers. Produced by Rumor Films. Directed by Jay Patton.
-Red Epic and Scarlet

Burger King - Bring Them Back

Commercial produced by the Onion and Muster Master Pictures.
-Canon C300

Underground Night Club promo

Promotional project for Billy Dec's Night Club: Underground. Posted via Rockit Ranch Productions
-Canon C100

Special Olympics - Speechless

Commercial PSA directed by Martin Rodahl in 2011.
-Canon DSLR

Moby - Be The One

Music Video directed by Martin Rodahl.
-Red Epic with Optimo Zoom

Dorito's World's Largest Chip

Spec Spot directed by Martin Rodahl and submitted for the Dorito's Super Bowl contest.
-Red One

NBA - Goosebumps

Spec spot directed by Martin Rodahl in 2009.
-Red One

Roundabout American - Trailer

Feature film directed by Boris Wexler, produced by Julian Grant and Escape Films in 2011.
-Panasonic AF100

Portugal. The Man - The Dead Dog

Music Video directed by Graham Baclagon.
-Canon DSLR

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